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A step-by-step approach to Making Love in the Unknown:
  • ✔️Find out how to put innocence and love back into sex
  • ✔️Discover the art of witnessing your life.
  • ✔️Learn how to please yourself to ecstatic levels.
  • ✔️Understand emotional release to drop stored trauma.
  • ✔️Release shame about having anger as an emotion.
  • ✔️Learn how to speak your truth.
  • ✔️Set powerful boundaries without harming relationships.
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Reviews of Sex & Happiness
"Laurie Handlers book Sex & Happiness is one of my “go-to” books I recommend to friends, clients and anyone that is willing to take a deeper look at themselves and their relationships. This book isn’t going to give you a quick fix to your sex life. Each of the practices outlined in the book invite your presence and awareness. Laurie guides you through each of the 10 laws in a clear and direct way that doesn’t feel heavy or over-explained. It has just enough information and personal anecdotes to take into your everyday and peak your interest into the tantric world. This book has supported me in my personal journey to connect and clearly see my own soul- anger and all. I was brought up to believe that anger wasn’t an appropriate emotion to experience- and the chapter titled “Honor your Anger” gave me full permission to acknowledge, accept and release big emotions that arise in my body without shame. This has created more space for joy and happiness and in my experience has lead to a deeper connection to my own pleasure."

- Danielle R Owad

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"I love the way the book is written, really comes off like I am having a conversation with the author, or like I was in her class. The 10 laws have helped transform the way I look at my relating to myself, others and to the world."

- Saulei

"This content is fundamental to creating intimate relationship with self and others. I really appreciate the realness and the personality that comes through. Its concise and easy to comprehend. I give a copy to any friends who are desiring to experience more authenticity and intimacy in their relationships."

- Ellie Vates
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"I honestly loved this book. Just when I thought I would never have intimacy in this desert of love and life, I found this wonderful Garden of Eden in Tantra and Laurie’s works and life. It honestly turned my life around and I am having the most joyful relationships ever at 58 years of life. Thank LOVE that there are people out there talking about this! Thank you and Namaste."

- Amy wood

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"Laurie's writing style is not esoteric or obscure; it is down to earth and real, written for real people. She is completely accessible for all who are interested in a topic oft shrouded in ignorance or confusion. If you're wondering exactly how Tantra can benefit your life (and believe me, it has simply tremendous benefit), and moreover you don't want to read some holy book per se, or just another "manual," then this is the book that will affect your mind and resonate in your soul. Learn about Tantra from Laurie in this spellbinding book for normal people who want extraordinary pleasure and happiness."

- Michael J Monroe
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